storage tankLarge and medium size storage tanks

Premier Molasses are now offering a range of both large and medium size storage tanks. These refurbished tanks have a capacity ranging from 13 to 35 tonnes and come fully plumbed for molasses with both inlet and outlet pipes and also stop valves. The 13 tonne capacity tanks are perfectly suited to a farmer using the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) as his feeding system. Their compact size allows for adequate storage with minimal usage of space. They are an ideal way of adding molasses based products to a diet feeder via gravity feed or molasses pump (sold separately).

Our large tanks are constructed from mild steel and are a free standing unit. Their capacity makes them suitable for an Animal Feed Mill, Agricultural Merchant or a Large Beef/Dairy unit. These tanks are equipped with material sight glasses to allow for calculation of material remaining in the tank. Contact us for more information.


FF15 Gear pump

Premier Molasses

Premier Molasses introduces a new low cost method to add Molasses to silage pits and/or into the Diet Feeder.The FF15 Gear pump is a hydraulic pump which can be powered on farm by a tractor.

It allows Molasses to be either sprayed onto a silage pit or pumped into a feed wagon from either a storage tank or IBC. Click here for more information.


Lick-wheel liquid feeder

molasses feeder
 Lick-wheel liquid feeders now available to purchase - contact us for more information